Giving Tree Art Gallery
Italia Museo Internazionale
juried exhibition 
Milton Art Museum
Museum director, teacher, specialist
Santa Chiara San Damiano  
 invitational exhibition
permanent collection oil painting
card cover, sculptures, drawings, more
Senior Resource Center
permanent collection conference rooms 
Basilica of Saint Francis
Assisi, Italy 
 sacred art on tomb of the saint
University of Massachusetts
mixed media invitational
Boston Copley Society
exhibiting artist member 
Mass General Hospital
permanent collection ceiling paintings 
Art Teacher / Art Specialist:
Massachusetts State House
oil paintings for office of State Treasurer
Trailside Museum
 art curator exhibitor
Collections and Exhibitions Include:
New England 
Conservatory of Music
South Shore Art Center
national juried exhibitions
Thayer Academy
Quincy Art Association
Milton Art Museum
Saint Anns School
Milton Adult Education
Bright Horizons Daycare
permanent collection in lobby 
Children's Hospital Boston
 permanent collection lobby, exam rooms
Star Media Enterprises
 commissioned permanent collection
Massachusetts College of Art
juried invitational 
"Holistic fine art for the healing pleasure of humanity"
CBS Sunday Morning Show
sun paintings for broadcast
 & Limited Editions
Original Fine Art 
Art Director / Donor for Non-profit Organizations:
" I fell in love with your sun art. It is gorgeous for our broadcast" 
J. Frank -Associate Director CBS Sunday Morning Show
"Your artwork is deliciously wonderful, I love your stuff all over my living room ..." -Steven Tyler 
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Hello Fellow Art Lovers & Friends,

Thank you for visiting my page. I love meeting art lovers from all over the world and simply adore the countless connections I have made with you throughout the years.

My love for art and humanity keeps growing every day. I am grateful to be so inspired and energized to do this meaningful work, wholeheartedly.
Artist Giuliana
Why I Paint

Divinely inspired, I intuitively create Sacred Art because it beholds a high frequency of love that raises the pure vibrations of divinity deep within the heart of the viewer. Sacred Art is an expression of visual beauty that delightfully awakens the weary heart of humanity unto joy. The work aligns with divine source; God's omnipresent force that is ever active in creating beautiful, abundant life on earth.
How I Paint

With literally thousands of works of art filling private homes and corporate spaces, worldwide, I paint through meditation, elevating my spirit and opening my heart space. Each art session begins with lighting sage, candles and reciting prayers of gratitude. Invoking the presence angels for guidance, I never know what will be drawn. Each art session is mystical and every sacred piece of artwork manifested is a fortunate gift to me- made especially for you.
When I Paint

My vocation began in Italy as a child where I received the calling to become an artist- A maker of Sacred Art. I began filling sketchbooks at the tender age of 12, and continue to work every day with utmost devotion. Now residing on a tropical island in Florida, I am empowered by sun-energy, ocean waters and flowers. I consistently travel to Italy for independent studies; currently involved in the making of an art series intended for international, solo exhibition; art is my life- my daily bread.
Milton Public Schools

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