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" your artwork is deliciously wonderful...
 I love your stuff all over my living room" - Steven Tyler

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Archangel Raphael
 Angels Fine Art
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Archangel Orifiel
Guardian Angel of the forest, the deep wilderness and all of the exotic plants and animals living within the terrain, Archangel Orifiel is the most divine energy that keeps the fragrant beauty alive and well.

Lovers of the wilderness and hikers can call upon Archangel Orifiel for guidance and protection, for a joyful and phenomenal experience while exploring God's divine forests of the world.

Holistic herbs, mushrooms and plants resonate with the energy of Archangel Orifiel.

known as the "Angel of nature", Alyssa is the seraph who brings tidings of joy to our gardens with butterflies and sweet flowers. She is is seraph angel; a celestial being known in many world religions as a throne guardian of God.  

Seraphs have three sets of wings and protect the sanctity of life on earth. Joy, peace and love fill us when angels come. 

Like butterflies to flowers, angels are attracted to homes that display artful depictions of angels. 
Seraph Angel Alyssa
Archangel Michael
Angels and Archangels; guardians, protectors and miracle workers
A spiritual warrior in the battle of good against evil; Saint Michael is a champion of justice, healer of the sick and protector of all souls whom call upon him with faith and trust. His energy is potent with flashes of blue light that can be seen and felt during apparitions. 

Saint Michael is found in many world religions throughout world history, for centuries. He is an all powerful presence of love and light divine for humanity.

The Healer and Patron Saint of Apothecaries, Saint Raphael is known for his healing energy. He lovingly holds the planet earth, stands with God and emanates flashes of healing, emerald green light from his medicinal staff. Ask and Receive.